About VIPS

The main objective is to reduce the environmental and health risk by the use of pesticides in plant production. One of the main activities is to produce and distribute reliable forecasts of the risks of damages by pests on agricultural crops. The data system is designed to be both a decision help system for the producer and a tool for bringing information between the consumer, the producer, the extension service and the researcher.

The risk warning is based on local information about pest development, weather prognoses from Norwegian Meteorological Institute and weather data from Nibio's weatherstations (LMT), and models that calculate risk of damageses from pest&diseases. Results are presented on www.vips_landbruk.no.

This new version of VIPS is an open source technology platform for implementation of IPM tools, aimed at international collaboration and local adaptations

Værdata og observasjoner inngår i meldingstjenester og modellberegninger i VIPS. Meldinger om observasjoner og varsler om risiko for angrep formidles på nettsidene www.vips-landbruk.no, via VIPS mobil, via SMS eller epost.